Seeker Saga Tarot

A Kingdom Hearts inspired tarot project from Cat's Tarot Team.


Seeker Saga Tarot is a collaborative project to create a beautiful tarot deck using characters and inspiration from the Kingdom Hearts series.

This project is hosted by Cat's Tarot Team.







Applications Open: July 20
Applications Close: August 8
Artists Selected: August 10
First Drafts Due: August 31
Final Submissions Due: October 15
Kickstarter Open: November 5
Kickstarter Closed: November 30

What timezone are the administrators working in?
We work in EST!

Is this project for profit?
This project is for charity to allow minors access to participate and still be compensated in the same capacity as other contributors.

How will artists be compensated for their work?
All artists will receive a physical copy of the deck as well as any and all physical merchandise made. Artists will also be able to purchase at production cost for resale.

How many artists will be selected?
We are looking for around 75 artists.


Applications open July 20th. If you have any questions not answered in the FAQ, please feel free to message us on Twitter or through email.